What Is A Verb In A Sentence?

If you have ever been asked the question, “what is a verb in a sentence?” then you are probably eager to find an answer and learn how to communicate properly. However, even though knowing what a verb is can help you communicate better, it does not always guarantee that you will receive the answer you are seeking.

A verb is a word that does something. It can be used to indicate an action, an event, or a state. A sentence can have either a main verb or a help verb. A verb, in other words, is a word that informs about an act, the existence of something, or an occurrence. The main word of a sentence is the verb. A sentence cannot be complete without a verb.

The word ‘verb’ derived from the Latin word ‘verbum‘.

Types of Verbs

  1. Main Verbs (or Action Verbs)
  2. Helping Verbs
  3. Linking Verbs

Main Verbs or Action Verbs

Action verbs, also known as main verbs, are used to indicate action. They can be used by animals, people or things. We only have one main verb in each of these sentences.

Helping Verbs

As their name implies, helping verbs support or help the main verb.

Linking Verbs (State of Being Verbs)

Linking Verbs indicate that something is ‘is. Also known as state of being verbs linking verbs. Linking verbs are used to link the subject of a sentence with a noun/adverb being linked to it.


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