How Do You Write A Fragment Sentence?

What is the fragment sentence? How do you write a fragment sentence? What is a sentence fragment with examples? How do you tell if it is a sentence fragment? What does a sentence fragment not contain? How do you create a fragment?

How Do You Write A Fragment Sentence?

A sentence fragment is defined as a group of words that look like sentences but aren’t; it is an incomplete sentence lacking an element as a verb or subject.

 Correcting sentence fragments can make your writing clearer. It doesn’t mean that a sentence begins with a capital and ends with good correct lines or periods make it a complete and grammatically correct sentence. To be a complete and accurate sentence, every sentence must have a subject and a verb. 

It is a group of words that looks like a complete sentence, but in reality, it isn’t a complete sentence at all. These sentences are mainly separated from the main clause, which is present in that particular sentence. You can easily remove the period between the main clause and fragment to make it a correction. 

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In short words, a sentence contains three things: subject, verb, and a complete thought, which makes the perfect sentence, but a sentence fragment is a group of words that lack all of these three things mentioned above. 

There are some reasons to end up with a fragment. Either it is missing a subject, missing a verb, or aborting to complete the thought it starts. These are the main key points to end up with a fragment that seems completely not legit at all. Moreover, to avoid this, you must analyze them in your writings and fix them in a perfect way without having any problem.

 Usually, some fragments depend upon verbal speaking like, you should read a sentence aloud to figure out fragments in your writing to know if there is a missing subject or preceding sentence. 

Sentence fragment Examples 

Here are some examples of a sentence fragment:

Some sentence fragments lack a subject, and here are some examples of sentence fragments along with a correction adding subject: 

1. Shows no interest in his game. 

   Correction: Hari shows no interest in this game  

2. Barks and run into the house 

   Correction: Dog barks and runs into the house

3. Discovered the cure for Corona Virus 

  Correction: The doctors and researchers discovered the cure for Corona Virus. 

4. gave us homework, but he is absent 

   Correction: Our Teacher gave us homework, but he is absent. 

    Also, here are sentence fragment examples along with a correction adding verb. 

1. A time of happiness and blessings. 

   Correction: There was a time of happiness and blessings. 

2. Cars and bikes all over the road. 

   Correction: Cars and bikes were all over the road. 

3. The elected mayor for our city. 

    Correction: The elected mayor for our city was Joseph Rodriguez 

4. Showing his clothes and shoes. 

   Correction: Denzel was showing his clothes and shoes.  

You should read the sentence aloud to know whether it fits in that position or not. It may sound inappropriate when talking in an incomplete sentence. Fragments must be turned into complete thoughts that are used through or connected through complete sentences. 

 Likewise, Sentence fragments begin with a capital letter and end with a period and have independent clauses. Also, you will be able to find out that fragments don’t form a complete thought when you read them more closely. It’s like giving the definition or picturing it in short form without and verb and subject.

It means these fragments make no sense in perfect definition, but it is only an incomplete word, and it makes sense when speaking and thinking or feeling through the sentences. 

Moreover, it is something like a puzzle, and there will be only half of it is solved and others you have to do yourself or fill yourself with your way of thinking. Like in the picture puzzle, you can’t make the whole picture without all the pieces. It goes the same with this sentence fragment.

You can’t even complete the sentence without missing important elements that are verb, subject, and body. You can find sentence fragments before or after the independent clauses.

 For example, when we got inside the house, the rain started. Here ‘when you got inside the house is the sentence fragment that belongs to the independent clause. 

Moreover, the group of words that look like sentences but they aren’t the actual sentences these types of fragments are called a sentence fragment. 

Also, any group of words that contain both a subject and verb is called an independent clause. Usually, you can find subordinators like ‘are,’ ‘after,’ ‘when,’ ‘where,’ ‘if,’ ‘since,’ are called subordinating clauses, followed by a comma, and appear at the beginning of the sentences. Some words make it easy to fall into the sentence fragment.

They are ‘also,’ ‘for example, ‘and, ‘but,’ ‘for instance, ‘or’ there are some words that can easily fall into the sentence fragment without any doubt. 

Generally, there is a lot of difference between speaking and writing. We write in fragments because we picture those sentences and words while speaking, and while picturing those words, we often talk about them that way, which makes us write in the same way. Likewise, phrases need an additional verb that acts as a verb in the sentence to compete for these to be clauses. 

For example:  “I went home yesterday” is an independent clause, whereas “Because I went home yesterday” is a dependent clause. You have to keep in mind that sentences like command sentences are not fragments even though they lack a subject. 

These sentences lack a subject but have grammatically correct a sentence which makes them complete. Likewise, you won’t find any verb in the phrase by adding some clauses like “they were,” which are placed at the beginning of the phrase, which turns the fragment into an independent clause.

 Normally, grammatically incomplete sentences are called sentence fragments which are usually covered with phrases and dependent clauses. So, it would help if you connected fragments to an independent clause to work in writing. Punctuation must be added to fix sentence fragments; the words have to be added or removed. 


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