Contact Us

It is a common mistake to think that all contact us pages are the same. This could not be further from the truth. Each page on your site should reflect the culture of your business.

It should have its own personality, like the way you respond to visitor emails or the page where you redirect new sign-ups to after they have filled out the registration form.

You want people to contact you because you are willing to listen to them. Many businesses use an automated customer service line, which generally results in an instant bounce rate for new sign ups.

This can put off customers who want to find out more about your company before making a purchase. The contact us page should lead to contact options, and possibly a feedback system where the customer service representative can keep track of how many of your sales team actually check in on a daily basis.

If you have a social media presence, you want to make sure that potential customers are able to find it. In particular, you want to build a presence, so your customers can tell others about it, and you can encourage them to share it with their networks.

The contact us page should link to social media options, so that they can share your information with their networks, and you can also share information with your social media contacts.

Having your social media pages auto-pilot into your contact us page will give your customers a convenient link from the main page to all of your other pages, which increases the overall effectiveness of the social media campaign.

The contact us page should always lead to a redirect to the sign up/subscribe form. There is one very important reason why: most people won’t take the time to complete the sign up process if they don’t feel that they have sufficient opportunity to do so.

Therefore, when they hit the submit button they need to be able to click the link in order to complete the sign up process. This gives you an opportunity to promote your website and gain valuable back links for your website, which will achieve 3000 points overnight!

The best part is that you can track how many people clicked through from your customised landing page.

You must ensure that you always have relevant content on your customised contact us pages or else you will be wasting your online marketing dollars. Your best contact us pages will have relevant content, so that your customers can find what they need, and you will be promoting your website to the right audience.

As your online marketing strategy evolves, make sure to add new and relevant content to your contact us pages, so that you will be able to achieve success with this campaign and achieve your online marketing goals.

The best part of using a contact us page is that it allows you to stay connected to your customer base. You are not restricted to one location, as you can still contact us from anywhere in the world.

In fact, when a person visits your customised landing page and fills out the contact form, they are taking advantage of a free report that offers them invaluable information about contacting their personal brands.

After they have completed the contact form, if they would like more information they are welcome to join your subscriber list where they will be provided regular information and updates about new products, services, offers and specials. If they would like to sign up as a brand affair member they will receive all of the benefits of being a member, but will also be automatically placed on your company’s national media buying list.

As soon as they complete an order, you will place their order with the national brand affair distribution company, thus creating maximum exposure for your personal brand.