About Us

What kinds of visitors are coming to your About Us page? Who are they? Most likely, they are future customers interested in your products or service.

They want to glance behind the curtain and quickly see if this business is one they enjoy doing business with. Your headline needs to immediately grab their attention.

The best headlines provide a strong call-to-action statement linking to a free online software application with a proven track record of attracting happy, motivated visitors who are interested in your products and services. It’s not enough to have an interesting headline; it has to be delivered in a way that really makes people want to act.

Your success as you write your About Us blog depends on having a very compelling headlines and compelling copy that get readers to act. You can start by identifying your target audience.

Research who your potential customers are and select the words and phrases that will appeal to them. Write each article using these targeted keywords and include them in the article body. Online software such as automatic blog posting software and automatic web page creation software allows you to build a strong online presence for your target audience.

Your next step is to create a strong message that appeals to your potential customers about why they should choose you over the competition. One effective way to get this message across is to use the “objection elimination” method. Try this experiment.

Find the two or three strongest objections your prospect has about your product, service or website and address these objections. You may be surprised to find that eliminating one objection at the most will increase your conversion rate.

To increase the number of articles you have on your blog, take advantage of free plug-ins for WordPress and Google Blogger that enable you to automatically insert a few sentences about you or your company at the beginning of each blog post.

This will serve as an introduction to your blog and set the tone for what you want to talk about. You can also use social media marketing plug-ins such as HootSuite and Tweetools to automatically tweet each article you write. This gives your prospects a taste of what’s to come with your latest blog post.

Using social media to advertise your product, service or website is a great way to increase conversion rate because it drives traffic to your websites through various social media outlets.

Finally, your blog’s About Us page needs to tell a complete story about you and your business. State the purpose of your blog in a headline or in the introduction paragraph. Tell readers what kind of person you are and emphasize your unique selling proposition (USP).

End this section on a positive note because it will help keep them coming back to read more about you or to sign up for your newsletter.